A suite of programs and benefits designed to help our founders with everything - credits, introductions, playbooks, premium services and more!

Office Hours

Grab a slot on our office hours calendar for brainstorming small and big ideas and never feel delayed on a conversation


A top-notch credits and discount program designed to bring the best-in-class tools to our portfolio startups. Go


Playbooks are designed to democratize highly specific insights and conclusions across areas based on first-hand experiences across our 700+ founders community. Go

Tribal Knowledge

A directory of “how-tos” for a wide range of topics based on founders’ first-hand experiences and experiments for everyone to leverage & save time, effort and capital. Go

Investor Network

Our goal here is to enable warm and contextual introductions for our founders to the best investors in the world from angels to growth stage firms. Go

Expert Network

Connect with the world’s best practitioners from engineering to product to sales and more. Go


Indiglo is an evolving playbook designed for Indian founders building for the global markets. It is a combination of a set of well defined action plans and a network of anchors who move the needle for founders. Go

Service Providers

Get red carpet service from a curated set of experts from banking to engineering services and more. Go