Better Founders

We invest in deeply mission-driven founders who are solving some of the hardest problems in our world today.

Rajan Bajaj
Better Capital

Rajan Bajaj, Co-founder of slice

To achieve great guidance, success and growth in your business definitely reach out to Better.

Vaibhav has a keen eye for product & sales and that is what makes him the go-to person for all the potential entrepreneurs. Apart from giving comprehensive feedback, he walks an extra mile to assist you in this uphill climb of starting something of your own.

If you have got a bunch of enthralling ideas that can change the world, I'd recommend reaching out to Better because there's nothing better than Better!

Imbesat Ahmad
Better Capital

Imbesat Ahmad, Co-founder of Filo

Getting Better on board was the landmark moment in the journey of Filo, not because Filo got pre-seed funding but as founders, me & Shadman got Vaibhav to brainstorm with us together over WHAT, WHEN & HOW of Filo for weeks.

If you are an early stage founder with strong conviction over your product/idea - unconventional, not experimented or proven yet, which normally VCs find difficult to bet on, there is a chance Vaibhav may give you a shot.

He has an eye for disruptive solutions which comes from his diverse & deep understanding of the startup ecosystem. You will be asked the right sets of questions, not the typical rhetorics but the ones which will actually ensure your business is moving on the right track and at a higher pace.

Once Vaibhav backs you, he does it with full force, shares your vision, becomes part of your team, complements your strength, values your perspectives and time, pushes you to think & innovate, understands your problems, utilises his network to connect you to the best of the people on the planet... there is actually a long list :)

Amit Gupta
Better Capital

Amit Gupta, Co-founder of yulu

Better was introduced to me by one of my trusted friends a few months ago, we later discovered so many common connections.

Better is one of the few seed stage investors in India who can see the big picture and able to ask the right question to judge the potential of the team. Better helped me with my seed stage funding where they exceeded the funding goal by 140% in a matter for 5 days.

If you have a crazy dream, determination to chase it and can build the right team to execute, I strongly recommend talking to Better.

Mihir Gupta
Better Capital

Mihir Gupta, Co-founder of Teachmint

Build build build- this really got unlocked for us through the early conviction from Better Capital. Better's investment is hands down the most value adding first cheque a founder can hope for.

We have partnered with Better and Vaibhav from our founding stage and they’ve really walked the talk in building Teachmint with us day in and day out- be it strategy, execution or just opening any doors in the ecosystem. Grateful to be in this journey with them.

Abhay and Amit
Better Capital

Abhay and Amit, Co-founder of eekifoods

We're incredibly fortunate to have Better Capital as our early-stage investor. Their faith in our vision and unwavering support have been instrumental in our success.

And thanks to Vaibhav's extensive knowledge of the business development landscape, we've been able to establish strategic partnerships in the Maharashtra region, which will be a game-changer for us. He's been much more than a financial backer to us at Eeki®; he's become a trusted mentor. We're incredibly grateful for his support, and we wouldn't be where we are today without him!

Saurabh Pandey,
Better Capital

Saurabh Pandey,, Co-founder of eloelo

Vaibhav has been a source of sage advice from the 1st call itself. He literally defines the "conviction bet" investor because of his ability to take contrarian bets.

What amazes me is how well he manages to have such deep context about the businesses he partners with.

Our brainstorming sessions have always been fun & Vaibhav has always been meticulous when it comes to setting up connects that a founder may seek. A great great partner to have in your journey.

Rushabh Sheth,
Better Capital

Rushabh Sheth,, Co-founder of Docsumo

Vaibhav truly cares about you as a founder and the growth of the company. We got introduced to Better via a common connection. From the start, Vaibhav understood about our space. He asked the right questions, listened carefully and gave us really good strategic advice. While we were very early in our journey, Vaibhav recommended us for Techstars London which changed the course of our startup.

Unlike most VCs, Vaibhav is really helpful even if you are just two founders with an idea. He believes in you. Beyond capital, Vaibhav connects you to the right people and shares his in-depth knowledge to help you move the needle. We are really proud to have Better as our investor.

Shailendra Singh
Better Capital

Shailendra Singh, Co-founder of HyperTest

“Vaibhav has always been the go-to man for everything and anything strategy, growth and direction for us. Strongly recommend him to all early-stage founders. Easiest person to talk in good or bad times, never coming across as an investor. If he decides to invest in your company, more often than not he decides to invest in you.”

Surya P. & Sarang I.
Better Capital

Surya P. & Sarang I., Co-founders of Skill-Lync

"Better has been one of our very early backers. Vaibhav did his research before taking our meeting and knew the questions he wanted to ask us. He heard us out, asked his questions, he allowed us to speak and made a commitment of participating in our round during the first meeting itself.

Post that he went on and gave us very strong introductions to other investors and built conviction amongst them as well. From what we have seen, if Vaibhav likes a company, Better will be a strong backer who gives the right introductions to people who will invest. Better has a strong network, which Vaibhav uses wisely.

Nukul Upadhye
Better Capital

Nukul Upadhye, Co-founder of Bijak

“Better Capital has been the perfect backer for us right from the start. Vaibhav truly cares for his portfolio companies and is always trying to help. He made numerous introductions and helped us connect to the right mentors and partners.

He is very comfortable to talk to and that makes it easier for us to be candid with him when things haven't been going well. Bijak is fortunate to have an investor with such superb business understanding and helpful attitude.”

Arjun Ahluwalia
Better Capital

Arjun Ahluwalia, Co-founder of Jai Kisan

"Better and I were introduced through a close friend and in the first call itself - I was pulled towards Vaibhav's blunt attitude, operator-like thinking and passion to help founders and businesses scale.

He is able to step into founders' shoes to get a deeper level of understanding of the space and the business. Vaibhav's patient listening skills, operators experience, insights, and perspective, nurturing nature, and widespread network of investors and founders - makes him an invaluable investor and resource for an early-stage entrepreneur.

Once convinced, he is a strong backer through thick and thin. If you are an early stage passionate founder - building in a large disruptive, I highly recommend speaking to Better."

Aditya & Pooja
Better Capital

Aditya & Pooja, Co-founder of Turnip

“Our partnership with Better Capital has been just amazing from Day1. Vaibhav is one of the smartest VCs in the ecosystem, very bold and amazing at product.

Working with Better feels like working with an extended team. Whether it’s deciding product roadmaps, business strategy or long term vision, Vaibhav has been our sounding board.

I would recommend Better to anyone who wants to build an amazing company out of India. Especially if you are building a product first company. Having Vaibhav on-board, will make a lot of difference.”

Dinesh Godara
Better Capital

Dinesh Godara, Co-founder of TREAD

“Better has played a significant role and has been the mainstay for the growth of TREAD in its very initial stages. Vaibhav is on the lookout for great ideas and always ready to help wherever needed.

The level of understanding and opinions have been a valuable addition to the growth and development of the brand. If you have a vision, better is there to show you the path that leads right to it.”

Saransh Garg
Better Capital

Saransh Garg, Co-founder of Nova Benefits

“Vaibhav moves fast and leads with conviction when making investments. He is conscious of founder's time and proactively ensures you're spending maximum time building the company. Being an entrepreneur himself, he is able to empathise with you well and he understands how ambiguous situations are to be navigated.

He is also internally driven by the metric FounderNPS and that comes across in his interactions. Vaibhav makes very relevant introductions helping with direct business development, partnerships and introductions to investors in his network. 90% investors don't add value, in my view, Vaibhav is amongst the best of the remaining 10%”