25 Best Practices for "Email Subject Lines" That Work

Every marketer wants more open rates and clickthroughs, getting them is another matter. Email marketing is an entire specialty unto itself. One thing we must keep in mind that it is very hard to please people these days. Even if they happily subscribed to your newsletters or any other email subscription, one day they might report your email as spam, or just unsubscribe from your list, or simply ignore it. Reason? It didn’t tempt your reader to open the email. How did they decide not to open it? Just by looking at the subject line. 

The subject line is like the ‘gatekeeper’. Your email subject line can prevent a reader from opening a sales email. No matter how stellar your email content is, no one gets to read them if they aren’t interested enough to open your email in the first place.

So, how do you write a great email subject line? It all comes down to a few best practices that you should apply to both the subject line of your message and the message body itself. 

Read on for our rundown of 25 best practices for effective email subject lines to get the most out of your email campaign

  • There's no such thing as a perfect email subject line - The best way to understand what makes some email subject lines more or less effective is to study what works for others and then try it for yourself
  • Keep your audience (and your goals) in mind - An email subject line should be such that it makes your reader curious, so your reader cannot help himself and should open and read the email urgently. The success of your campaign depends on how well you maintain the interest of your subscribers over time and this will happen only if you know your audience well.
  • Localize - Collecting (and using) geolocation information can improve open rates by being personal and relevant. 
  • Personalize email subject line - We may never find a definite answer what is good and what is bad with regards to the personalized subject line. But, according to the Science of Email Marketing, emails that included the first name of the recipient in their subject line had higher clickthrough rates than emails that did not.
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