Are your users lonely?

Historically, our online experiences in apps have been lonely - we get in, do whatever it is that we have to do, and get out. We don't know who else is on the app, what they are doing, if they have the same questions as us - because we are alone and having a fairly lonely experience.

I believe changing user experiences from lonely to social may be a thing to explore across a wide range of apps.

In edtech, think of users consuming recorded videos alone vs consuming videos but along with a live chat with others to jam on ideas or ask questions?

Are your users having a lonely experience? Or a social one? That's the question to ask.

And if they are having a lonely experience, ask how it can be social in the context of the app and use case.

Taking your user experience from lonely to social/community can do wonders for your retention metrics.

Easier said than done, of course :)
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