Have Edtechs improved education?

Since 2018, I was scratching my head about the way education was being "sold" by edtechs in India - I am deeply passionate about fixing education, coming from a family of award-winning educators.

The common message I heard was this: edtech is about burning to build a brand and it will be a winner takes all market and its a capital game and so on and on.

There was no answer to my question around: what is being sold is just a digital textbook, why do you have to hard sell if the product is so good, why aren't users sticking to the brands, IS THERE DEMONSTRATABLE INCREASE IN OUTCOMES OF STUDENTS' LEARNING considering the 100s of millions being spent on India edtech?

10 years later we have ploughed Billions into Indian edtech but I fail to see a product with GREAT PULL from users - everything is a massive PUSH.

But the good news is that a completely new generation of founders are taking a fresh look at the problem and building product-first companies with no sales teams to find valuable educational experiences that see deep user pull.

They are more likely to "truly improve education & learning & teaching" -- which was the objective all along.

Lets see :)
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