Hell NO

A brilliant founder who is building something really interesting reached out yesterday about his round that was in closing to say that the key investor was changing terms, asking for additional terms and stuff that he is not at all comfortable with.

With a short runway, it is not like he has many options to re-start or re-configure the round so he was in a dilemma.

Hardest spot to be in, I told him.

But if you are asking this question aloud, and to me, then I think the answer is clear. It's a NO.

You are fortunate to feel the lack of comfort before you sign the dotted line - it's 100000x worse if you feel that after you sign.

Leaving aside the investor and the full context and irrespective of the right/wrong (not the point of this post), IF AS A FOUNDER you feel this and you are in this position, the answer is HELL NO!

Walk away.

ps: I also told him to treat my input as one of the inputs he considers but that I wanted to make sure my answer to his question was crystal clear.
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