Long term company

Over the past two years, at Better, we have been over-indexing on one simple question when choosing to make an investment - even at pre-seed stage: can this become a long term company, can this be built for 10 yrs and still have more to build, can this team think long term, is there a large zoomed-out view.

Salesforce is one of the best examples of a long-term company and Marc Benioff an example of a long-term founder.

The primary reason behind this is (for us) is that the most valuable and highest quality compounding happens over the long term and you need to build and be around for that.

Rupeek is a long-term company. Open Financial Technologies is a long-term company. Teachmint is a long-term company. Nova Benefits is a long-term company. YourPhysio is a long-term company. Jai Kisan & Bijak are long-term companies - amongst many others in our portfolio - and so many others that we wish we would have invested in.

The highest degree of unlocking in entrepreneurship happens with long-term thinking and long-term building.
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