Re-imagining as an investment thesis

“You are not a gold loans company. You are re-imagining the front end of asset-backed lending starting with gold loans - to deliver a 10X improvement in the consumer experience” - is what I said to Sumit in 2015 when we met for the first time and I was unsure about thinking of Rupeek as just a gold loans company. Sumit let me invest then & I got the incredible opp to see it all unfold.

Re-imagining a market is a core investment theme for us at Better - it requires the deepest conviction because it's super hard to bet on & generally hard to find co-investors who see the big opp in the early days.

Teachmint is re-imagining online teacher tools for the mobile-first world. OTO Capital is re-imagining how 20M two-wheelers are bought & financed every year. FILO is re-imagining how students learn. Wint Wealth (Previously GrowFix) is re-imagining the debt asset class. Stoa School is re-imagining business education. And, Better is re-imagining early-stage funding & unbundling of access for LPs. 

Re-imagining is the largest opp we have as 1.3B Indians get digitally transformed in their personal & professional lives.

What are you re-imagining - is a great question to ask as founders as well as investors!
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