Short-term questions

Venture is a long-term game so I am often surprised when people ask short-term questions.

Asking a distribution-first play, "how will you make money" is one example of a short-term question.

Asking a company that's hitting a $4M run-rate within months of launching "if they can sustain it" is another example of a short-term question.

Asking a social app that hits instant early scale if their early traction can sustain is another example.

To be clear, all these are great questions - but asking them at the wrong time can destroy a company that could potentially be a rocketship.

At Better, we warn ourselves against asking short-term questions because we want to think about Decacorn outcomes only - and those will come from founders who think distribution-first, scale-first, tangible, and clear user value first.

Don't ask short-term questions too early.
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