Show n Tell

The best way to build a company is to show your idea and conviction in action, with data and user pull. Then you can tell your story.

Let the "show" lead the "tell" and you'll rarely be gasping for air.

At Better, this is at the core of our pre-seed playbook - we take non-consensus bets early and then work with our founders closely to chip away at the core to get to the right insights and then "show them" with consistent growth, at whatever scale, to establish data around our combined conviction. The "tell" is then automatic for the company, and it is about finding like-mindedness to choose the next set of investor partners to grow to the next stages.

The founders are the main actors in this, of course -- Better is supporting cast at best :)

Stoa SchoolSkill-LyncTeachmintFILOYourPhysioKutumbNova BenefitsWint Wealth (Previously GrowFix)Last9 IncPlobal AppsClarisightsCradlewise Inc. -- are just a few examples of stellar founders who crushed it with their "show n tell" and did it faster than most.

Try this for your business - irrespective of the stage you are in.
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