Your biggest investor whom you can never return enough to!

It’s your spouse.

As an entrepreneur, your spouse is always your biggest investor whom you can never return enough to - a truth often overlooked and forgotten, but one you must talk about as you kick off yet another year as an entrepreneur.

When I started my first company barely a year out of college, it was possible only because my wife was doing a role she loved and at a company that was doing well in its space. She invested in helping me start my career as an entrepreneur - without any guarantees of success.

That was just the start of a never-ending list of investments that my wife made in me an entrepreneur: buying our first home, ensuring our immigrant-to-citizenship status, moving countries to fulfill our collective choice of spending time closer to our parents, and ensuring our children know where we came from - the list is never-ending, not to mention the constant unsaid encouragement that helps you dream bigger and bolder. The deep emotional support that you receive, without asking, is irreplaceable. 

You can never get an investor as good as your spouse and it's a truth you must recognize as you start another year building your entrepreneurial dreams to the next level.

Your spouse is as big a part of every ounce of your success & your truest partner-in-crime in every sense of the word.

PS: For founders who are single, your parents are most often the source of unsaid encouragement & assumed support and you will see that feeling scale to the next level when you find your partner and you’ll see most of the above in play. Every situation is different but the underlying feeling of support remains the same.

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