Brainstorm is our highly personalized advice program where we work with early stage founders to help them unlock the true potential of their ideas and help to evolve them into truly “investible” companies.


Brainstorm is an invite-only and equity-based program. We are very selective but want to talk to every gritty founder who is solving a hard problem. If you are looking for a conviction-driven investor to brainstorm with, please reach out to us via a portfolio founder.

Aditi Sinha

Aditi Sinha Co-founder of

Brainstorm has been an important partner for us at Locale.

I decided to reach out to Vaibhav after reading his views about fundraising, starting and building a company. Our first conversation was so memorable -- he instantly got what we are trying to do with Locale and told us he’s in. And the Brainstorm program has been instrumental for us in iterating through our vision, prioritizing product thinking, exploring early customer conversations, getting introductions and our entire zero-to-one journey.

Vaibhav has been our sounding board & you can be completely candid and trouble him with your problems and he will do his best to help you out in all ways possible. He thoroughly believes in co-building with all Brainstorm companies and the hands-on approach of Brainstorm is incredibly valuable.

We also raised our pre-seed round during this time and were fortunate enough to have spent very little time on it.

Aniket Shinde

Aniket Shinde Co-founder of Fanspole

Brainstorm has been pivotal for us at Fanspole. From the first deep dive with Vaibhav several months ago until now, the program has helped up to build in the right direction with nudges along the way - important nudges that have changed the trajectory and the constant asking of core questions helped us sharpen our vision.

The Brainstorm program and Better have been perfect for us for building and refining our vision as well as raising our first check.

Couldn’t have asked for anyone “better” as our early stage partner!


Brainstorm is an invite-only and equity-based program. We are very selective but want to talk to every gritty founder who is solving a hard problem. Open application to Brainstorm is currently closed. During this period, the best way to apply for Brainstorm is via one our portfolio founders.

At its heart, Brainstorm is about “personalized brainstorming with founders” to achieve the company’s strategic milestones. We have companies who join Brainstorm when they are 1 founder with an idea as well as when they are 4 founders with a product and revenue and a growing customer base. Brainstorm is about “unlocking” the next big step and we bring the best of what we know and our network knows to help companies and teams with missions that we are excited about. Here’s a glimpse of what we do at Brainstorm:

  • Product brainstorming to find the “right what” and test hypothesis in a systematic way
  • GTM & growth brainstorming to test and then systematize it
  • Messaging and positioning brainstorming to bring all the learning together
  • Measure-and-iterate loop creation for consistent progress
  • Fund raising strategy and storytelling brainstorming
  • Warm introductions to customers and partners globally, when/as relevant
  • Warm introductions to the best-in-class execs across global markets
  • Warm introductions to stage-matched investors and VC funds
  • Ongoing access to credits on major cloud platforms & network