Brainstorm is an ideation-focused accelerator & incubator designed to create seeds of potentially venture-scale companies based on our ideas or that of co-founders we partner with.

Program Outline

Brainstorm is not a cohort-based program. We explore conversations with passionate builders who are interested in venture-scale opportunities across verticals and ideate based on variety of ideas we have conviction in as well as what you are working on or thinking of. We bring in data as well as experts to assist in the valuation of ideas and create a robust customer research process for direct customer feedback. Brainstorm is about picking big ideas but doing a lot of work to derisk them as much as possible early on with customer research.

$250K+ Credits

Our program helps you with free credits worth upto $250K for a wide range of products and services from AWS and Zoho to Legal & CFO services. This helps passionate builders who partner with us to reduce upfront costs to a minimum, if any.

Customer & Advisor Network

You get access to our curated experts across disciples and verticals as well as to customers who are likely to be keen to explore your product/idea. This extended network can dramatically improve your ability to validate ideas and derisk execution which is responsible for startup death more often than not.

Ideal Team

We believe the ideal team for brainstorm is one engineering co-founder and one business/sales/domain co-founder, though we are often up for working with solo founders too.