Better Crypto

Better Crypto is an early stage crypto fund dedicated to our investments in the decentralised future built on blockchains.

Better Capital

If crypto succeeds, it's not because it empowers better people, it's because to empowers better institutions.

- Vitalik Buterin

Company Description
BlockFi of Asia
Smart way to invest in crypto
Making staking easier for everyone
Decentralised Crypto & Web3 University
APIs, Tools and Infrastructure for NFTs
India’s First Crypto Club
A smarter way to save & grow with DeFi
Liminal Self custody made easy
Drepute All your web3 contribution on chain
Analog L0 blockchain powered by Proof-of-Time
DAOlens DAO discovery & tools
Flint Passive income from crypto investment
Crypso Crypto communities for everyone
Sahicoin Discover crypto with friends & experts
Mohash DeFi protocol with stable high yields backed by real world debt assets
Buidlers Tribe Web3 accelerator
One World Nation Play to earn metaverse game
Komet Multi-chain wallet
Wall Web3 discovery communities
Proton Compare & invest in DeFi
Stan eSports NFTs for fans
Rampay Global payments infrastructure for web3

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