Nichebusters is an accelerator & incubator designed to partner with passionate craftsmen who want to build modern service businesses in niches.

Program Outline

Nichebusters is not a cohort-based program. We explore conversations with passionate craftsmen across niches and discuss how a modern services business can be built around that craft based on our global experience of building & investing in companies. The process also involves doing smaller projects to assess feasibility & scalability as well as a overall fit between a founder and us. This program is less of a “let’s see if this works” and more of a “let’s explore how exactly to make this work”.

$250K+ Credits

Our program helps you with free credits worth upto $250K for a wide range of products and services from AWS and Zoho to Legal & CFO services. This helps passionate craftsmen who partner with us to reduce upfront costs to a minimum, if any.

Customer & Advisor Network

You get access to 200+ portfolio companies as well as our large global network of experts and advisors for feedback, customer introductions & more. Our widespread network across verticals helps passionate craftsmen find high quality early adopters who can shape the business in the right way with their support & feedback.

Ideal Team

We believe the ideal team has a domain expert & a customer-facing sales & marketing expert to ensure speedy progress but we are open to working with solo founders who are domain experts as well.